Steps to build Resilience

Resilience exists in people who develop capabilities that allow them to remain calm during crises/chaos and to move on from the incident without long-term negative consequences.

But those without resilience may be weakened by the same experience, and even become self-destructive. So, how do we build resilience in the difficult unprecedented times we are currently living through. I spoke with Brenda who was chronically ill with ME and was bed-ridden for eight years. The medical profession had no answers for her and she found there was no cure in the remedies they offered her. “The only thing I could actually do was take responsibility of my own health.” Brenda said. “I had to help myself, and now I have recovered from ME and I have an amazing life. I managed to keep myself upbeat and positive.” I asked Brenda how she did it. “There are many ways I did it, but one way is to take care of your immune system and take control of your mind. The mind is the easiest way to downgrade your immune system.”

How does that work?

“When a person is fearful and negative, if they hear bad news such as that which we have around us at the moment – the spread of a nasty virus. This negative news will have an effect that triggers cells and downgrade the immune system. When you have hope and can focus on the positive things, that triggers positive chemicals which boost your immune system.”

We build resilience through spirituality, family, friends and our environment. There are plenty of stories like Brenda’s, of people who have come through serious illnesses, bankruptcy, redundancy and sometimes come back even stronger. I personally experience all of these in my time and a few years ago; I experienced both grief, with the loss of my mother, and loss of a job, in one fell swoop. I wrote about this in my book Positive Vibrations and shared how I meditated to bring relief from pain and fear, and some of the tools I used to bounce back and keep my life on track.

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