Hello, glad you are here!

With over 30 years in teaching, writing & meditation – I decided to expand my knowledge even further. I got certified in energy healing, worked on my mindset, and discovered my sound healing abilities. I now have three therapies to help you to heal what is broken, lift your confidence level, boost your health and raise your vibrations.

I use sound, breath and different energy techniques which are combined for a nourishing meditation experience – and it’s a life-changer.

About 6 years ago I was stuck in a job, feeling isolated, ignored, and underappreciated. I was filled with self-doubt & this sent me into a period of high anxiety and feeling stuck. I felt terrified and it took me awhile to pull myself out from the low place I’d sunk to get my life back on track. I remembered that I kept asking myself ‘What should I do?’ The answer came back. ‘Look within.’

I certainly did look within and that’s what brought me to where I am today. Looking within, I realised, I was focus too much on outside and with such a focus it had led me to anxiety, worry, heaviness and inertia.

 I started to meditate and was filled with visions of my future that I wasn’t able to see before.  

The mind is the most powerful thing, I learnt, and it can help you or hinder you! POW!

I started to realise there were many women like me out there, stuck, and unsure of what to do next, who wanted to change their life but such a thing wasn’t possible without a change of mindset.

Finally, what happened for me was using the tools of writing and some simple therapies I found new vigour to pursue my purpose and passions. I eventually went on to be the founder of Meditate and Grow, developed some courses, and I dreamed up the idea of BEAMS™ therapy –  to help put the smile back on your face. BEAMS™ is for YOU – no matter who you are or where you’re from, you may need a little help sometimes to lay down your burdens, make a fresh start, follow your dreams, and rediscover your joy.

I am also a teacher on Insight Timer Meditation App with my live talks/meditations called Ebb and Flow – which is all about helping you to manage life through the ups and downs. If you are feeling STUCK, or HELD BACK in any way, and you are ready to step beyond your comfort zone and limited outlook, disrupt negative thought patterns, break away from long held fears and limiting beliefs – then I can help you.

“Take some time every day, every week to relax and connect with yourself, recalibrate your thinking and FIND the new YOU!”


It is my intention on this site to offer you a holistic approach to health, healing your life, finding your joy and living your life’s purpose.