Welcome, and I thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy this soothing, relaxing healing sample of sounds from my Album: Heal and Hum – accompanied with healing frequencies for removing blocks and inspiring change, and Healing transformation.


That was superb. Your voice is incredible. It only just stopped playing in my mind. Rowena

Lovely, lovely, lovely. At the end I felt safe like I was a baby being hummed to sleep by a loving mama. Chriss

So peaceful and nourishing Jillian



BEAMS begin with 4 simple therapies to transform your life from who you are not, to who you are, and who you were meant to be.


Ancestral sounds to sooth, relax and heal Mind, Body and Spirit. Helping you to Live life in the light, in the flow and in high vibration.

Not only do you meditate, you also: grow into your true self, grow in wellness and self-care, free yourself from suffering and grow into the empowered YOU.


‘Thank you for another excellent meditation session, Zindika. I am definitely sleeping better.’ Eleanor

Zindika is an Author, Speaker, Teacher, Meditation, Mindset

Zindika is a Certified EFT, Mindfulness and Chakra Meditation practitioner. She is the founder of Meditate and Grow, and she holds meditation classes to aide in self-care, sleep and well-being & finding your purpose. Last year, after publishing her newest book Positive Vibrations – she was recognised with an award from the Standout Speakers Academy as the person bringing the most vibes (2019). Also, Zindika recently spoke at the Women’s Economic Forum (Summit, Bangalore, India), and was awarded the WEF Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for All (2020).




12 months to change your life and move from fear to courage.  In this book the author takes you on a journey to finding your true purpose and living the life you desire. Readers are given tips, inspirational quotes, and meditations on how to raise their energy and vibration, and move into a positive state of create and be great.

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For further details – Contact: zindika@meditateandgrow.com – M:07765651747 SUNDAY MEDITATION: If you fancy some calm, you can also join me on Sunday evenings for our regular live interactive sessions. Connect with yourself, connect with others. It’s never too late to meditate and you are never too young to meditate, so teenagers and children welcome.

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