Breathing Meditation

Do you know how long you will have to be wearing a mask? And never mind the Covid pandemic, what about the brewing mental health epidemic. The figures keep rising, especially among young people, whose growing and learning have been disrupted. Some may be left with long term impact on their physical and psychological well-being, their knowledge and their ability to experience life fully.

Who among you, or in the Government is asking the pertinent questions?

Whether you think you are coping with this or not, the reality is that we all need to look after ourselves as we take time to assimilate these past few months and the new norm. When this all started in March, I could not get away from it: G5, G5, G5; then it was vaccination, vaccination, vaccination, and now it’s mask, mask, mask. Who is running the show, I ask myself? Is there anybody out there in control? If not, then you had better control yourself! Because the only way to detract from all this uncertainty is to drop within yourself and connect with the divine energy at source. Connect with the nature around you and also within you. So, whatever is going on outside, take the time to listen to what is going on inside you and embrace that guiding energy, letting it take you to a much higher vibration place.

Earlier in June I did a Facebook live on the health crisis because I could see that things were not going to get any better fast. That was why I put together my series of short meditation courses and classes called – Reset from Distress™.

If you fancy some calm, join me on Sunday evenings for our live interactive sessions. Connect with yourself, connect with others. It’s never too late to meditate and you are never too young to meditate, so teenagers and children welcome.

Giving Back to Gratitude

Have you heard the saying, the more you give, the more you get back in return? You’ve heard of celebrities from all walks of life: sport, music, art, and philanthropists all giving back. Fact is, if you look around you will find monuments to philanthropists, and their names going back into history, who gave to people with no return, except to help and lift the lives of the poor and needy. A lot of celebrities give back because they remember where they came from, and how far they have travelled to get there. They remember the people who helped them on the way. They remember the community they grew up in and above all the reason many give back is because they remember having very little; so, they show gratitude to say: out of a little has come a lot. Think on that for a moment, for surely that is the measure of the deepest gratitude.

Thus, the spirit of gratitude that we should be teaching to children is to be happy with what they have while working towards what they want. This may help to relieve children from growing up with anxieties of lack at a younger age. In 2012, I wrote a book called ‘Ready, Steady, Gold: Great Olympians’, to inspire young people in working towards and reaching their goals in life. Most sporting stars within, and outside of this book started their journey with very little, and they certainly started out without a medal, or the accolade, or the wealth – but what they had was a dream and a healthy dose of self-belief.

Ready, Steady, Gold: Great Olympians

That is celebrities you may say. When you have a lot, it is easy to give back. But research shows that volunteering is one of the most reliable ways to momentarily increase your well-being. Volunteering is something anyone can do no matter how much money you have in your pocket. Often when people help others less fortunate, they start to become more grateful for things in their lives. Did you know that experiencing the feelings of gratitude daily, helps to re-wire the brain and by creating the habit of gratitude, can lead you to feeling happier?

Steps to build Resilience

Resilience exists in people who develop capabilities that allow them to remain calm during crises/chaos and to move on from the incident without long-term negative consequences.

But those without resilience may be weakened by the same experience, and even become self-destructive. So, how do we build resilience in the difficult unprecedented times we are currently living through. I spoke with Brenda who was chronically ill with ME and was bed-ridden for eight years. The medical profession had no answers for her and she found there was no cure in the remedies they offered her. “The only thing I could actually do was take responsibility of my own health.” Brenda said. “I had to help myself, and now I have recovered from ME and I have an amazing life. I managed to keep myself upbeat and positive.” I asked Brenda how she did it. “There are many ways I did it, but one way is to take care of your immune system and take control of your mind. The mind is the easiest way to downgrade your immune system.”

How does that work?

“When a person is fearful and negative, if they hear bad news such as that which we have around us at the moment – the spread of a nasty virus. This negative news will have an effect that triggers cells and downgrade the immune system. When you have hope and can focus on the positive things, that triggers positive chemicals which boost your immune system.”

We build resilience through spirituality, family, friends and our environment. There are plenty of stories like Brenda’s, of people who have come through serious illnesses, bankruptcy, redundancy and sometimes come back even stronger. I personally experience all of these in my time and a few years ago; I experienced both grief, with the loss of my mother, and loss of a job, in one fell swoop. I wrote about this in my book Positive Vibrations and shared how I meditated to bring relief from pain and fear, and some of the tools I used to bounce back and keep my life on track.

The Lost book of Remedies Forgotten Power of Plants

Let go and Breathe

Have you noticed how when you are able to relax and unwind some of those niggly ailments disappear? That is because your muscles are releasing all that tension. Tension built up from stress and worry, especially in times of crisis, and when we have a lot to do can lead to a myriad of health issues, as well as worsen existing ones.  Right now, with the restrictions on our lives and freedom, we may not have a lot to do, but our minds are still racing. Meditation is a fantastic way to calm an overactive mind. When you meditate you start by focusing on the breath and this will immediately bring a sense of relieve – just like when you are overwhelmed and you sigh with relieve – it sends a calming message to the brain and body to relax. Focusing on the breath during meditation also brings your mind into the present. Instead of dispersing energy all over the place, the mind can focus on one thing for a while. By doing this, it conserves energy that can then be send to the central nervous system, helping it to function better in calming your worries and anxieties, and allay fears.

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Here, let’s try it:

For one day, set your alarm to go off every hour, or every two hours, depending on your activities for the day. Each time you hear the alarm, pause and take time to breath in deeply and then exhale through the mouth (slowly through pursed lips) until all breath has left the lungs. Do this at least three time, double up to six if you’ve got time. You will start to feel happier for that time and a while after. If you continue to do this regularly, then you can sustain that happiness for longer. SMILE

©Zindika – Meditate and Grow

For more ideas on relaxing and raising your vibrations – check out my new book on Amazon.

Gratitude for Farmers



A chance to be thankful for the food we eat daily and never give it a thought, until now. Also, a chance to think about people without, or with very little food right now – they too can be thankful. It’s a case of ‘Don’t worry be happy’. Happiness carries a higher vibration than worry and is more likely to move you into action. We have become separated from our food because we no longer hunt or grow it. So next time you crunch into an apple or bite into a burger, be mindful of how it got to you. Right now, there are so many lessons to be learnt.

Fearless February is here

Fearless February is an invitation for you to face up to your fears, be they major, minor or gigantic. Regardless of the size of the fear – the solution is always the same – it always starts with one-first step. This requires you to confront the problem, start the journey step by step, stick to it and get results.

Whenever I experience fear or have any worries – I turn to meditation. Why? Because it works. Fear activates your nervous system. Your nervous system is made up of two parts, the sympathetic nervous system – also known as fight or flight, and the parasympathetic also known as rest and digest. If you are regularly in a state of fight or flight, then it means your sympathetic nervous system is always in charge and you are not giving your body enough time to rest and relax. One way I deal with this is by breathing deeply. As soon as I breathe deeply, the breath tells the body, it’s OK, calm down! Focusing on the breath is an integral part of meditating. There are other natural ways you can strengthen your nervous system such as eating the right foods, or drinking a calming cup of chamomile tea.

During January, you were given some beginners meditation focusing on the breath as an easy start to practicing stillness and relaxation. Doing this for a short time you will become more aware of your body and the realisation that this type of sitting can bring immediate easing of tension and slowing down of thoughts.

During February I want to encourage you to take the steps necessary to adapt to a longer meditation practice. Now you feel the benefits of a calmer life and less reaction to every day incidents that would normally irritate you. Furthermore, you will be able to manage the situation with breathing and not react as you would, but allow things to pass and see it for what it is.

For longer meditation sessions and short videos for beginners, go to my You Tube: Meditate and Grow

When to start meditating

Meditation is popular in the press and media right now. This means that many of us will jump to it swiftly, then get very disappointed, and be put off it, and so miss the reals benefits it offers.

So, let’s start with a word of caution. If you want to start meditating, ask yourself why. Don’t just do it because it is the latest fad, or because you are one of these people who don’t like to miss out. Let’s face it, if you are in a good place in your life right now, you may not even consider meditation, but it’s there if you need it. No one can tell you when to start meditating, or if it is a practice you should take on. It is something you will be drawn to or be introduced to for a number of reasons: such as health, relaxation, try something new, or spirituality. You should do a taster and then you will know if this is something you want to make a regular part of your practice.

The best way to avoid getting off to a bad start is to make sure you take it slowly. Firstly, do not settle down to do a marathon sitting first time. Try it for 5 minutes, and the most 10 minutes for the first week. Then review how you got on before deciding to increase the time.Give yourself a try out period. Right now, is a great time to do this – new year, new start. So, January could be your try out month. There will be lots of meditation

New Year – New Start, January could be your try it out month for Meditation

classes starting this month. Have a look online and in your local area.

So, let’s begin:

*Decide how regularly you will mediate: every day, every other day, or two times a week.

*Choose morning or evening

*Choose meditation music or silence.

*Sit quietly in a place where you are free from distractions or disturbances. (The biggest distraction will of course be your mind. It will suddenly become active.)

*Take in a deep breath – breathe out and relax.

*Don’t fight the thoughts – just stick to your plan. Watch, and let the thoughts flow by.

*Gently follow your breathe as you breath in and out. This will help you to focus.

*Watch the time. Calmly open your eyes.

You did it! Namaste! Short and simple, but effective.

For longer meditation sessions and short videos for beginners, go to my You Tube: Meditate and Grow with Zindika.

Happy Holidays

As we hit December and get caught up in the activities of shopping, gift wrapping and later cooking, there will be very little quiet time until the festivities are over. It is during these busy times such as Christmas that we need to meditate.
Remember as it gets closer to the two-day holiday, closely followed by New Year’s Day, you could be forgiven for not relaxing, yet, this is the time to relax. This is especially so for those who find themselves in the kitchen preparing to cook and look after all their guests – please remember to take 10 minutes out every day. The rule of the day should be to relax, breathe and also express gratitude for all you have, whether it is a little or a lot.  When you slow the breath and breathe deeply, that lowers cortisol levels which will be high over those two days and this could avoid a lot of arguments triggered by stress. Avoid alcohol if possible, but eat joyfully. Always remember, aside from the religion, the true spirit and meaning of Christmas are kindness, family, togetherness and sharing. Meditate on this…ooommm!
Happy Christmas

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra
Orange represents the sacral chakra. It is the chakra for creativity. First creativity is that of life and then we enhance life with other forms of creativity, art, writing, dancing, singing etc. Ways to balance and support the sacral chakra: wear clothes and eat foods with the colour orange: carrots, oranges, papaya. You could have a bedside lamp that glows orange and carry orange stones such as carnelian.

Root Chakra

Root chakra foods; heal, recharge and balance this chakra with red fruits and root vegetables: red potatoes, beetroot, berries, watermelon, red apples, and red beans (aduki, kidney beans).
Look after your root chakra, the sources from which creativity springs. It’s the solid ground from which all chakras flow.


Chakras are energy centres in the body. There are seven main chakras. When our chakras are well balanced, energy moves freely throughout the body creating happiness, health, and peace.
When our chakras are blocked or out of balance, it leaves us feeling uninspired. Many experts believe that chakra blockages are the root cause of a number of physical, mental, and emotional ailments.
Meditation is a great way to bring our chakras back into balance.

Awaken your potential

Hey friends, August has come and gone and the Summer is almost over. We are now well into the second half of the year 2019. As a teacher I always followed the educational year and so I see September as my second chance in the year to make a new start. This year I have made so many connections and I thought this month was a perfect time to reintroduce myself!

 I am Zindika, founder of Meditate and Grow. This month I am reviving my blog, sprucing up my facebook page and adding a newsletter to my website.  Reason being I want you all to know a bit more about me and the services I have on offer.

I am an author, spiritual teacher and writing success coach. I work with people who have hidden potential that the world, friends and family have yet to see. Why? Because FEAR has kept them stuck and hidden.  I enable them to identify their fears and find the solutions to managing those fear, thereby allowing their true potential to shine through.

I do this because I believe that everyone has a purpose or a calling in life and my purpose is to enable people to awaken their potential. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, rich or poor, well or unwell – we all have that super-something that we can give to those around you and the world.

I will help you, to help yourself.

It’s time to stop procrastinating, fight those fears and make it happen.

Are you someone who was never inspired at school and so your dreams took a dive? Did you sacrifice those dreams for others? Was all the inner chatter and self-doubt too much to overcome? Now, you are sitting there and thinking, it’s too late and time has passed you by.

I am here to reassure you that if you are someone who is struggling with procrastination, fear and doubt, I am ready to have a conversation with you. BUT are you ready to have a conversation with me? If you are,

Click on the link below, listen to my FREE meditation video, and let’s make it happen.


Ancestral August

Ancestral August

August is the month to venerate the ancestors and call their names in many different tongues.

Think of your ancestors and what challenges they may have faced in the making of you, what journeys they undertook for you to be in the here and now. How did they triumph? Their journey started with an idea, a dream, and a small step that has taken them to where you are now. It’s up to you now to move on and take the next step.

Sometimes the ancestors come back to us in so many ways. We may have a young baby and we think this baby or child looks like or reminds us of an ancestor in their mannerisms. Sometimes the lineage becomes a circle and comes back to us. An ancestor may return because they left the earth incomplete and need to return to finish something. They may return because they have something to tell you that will give you direction and make live more livable.  They may return because wherever they are, they have learnt something new and want to guide you and present generation with that knowledge. Whatever the reasons, rest assured that their energy and spirit are still with us.

Think about a personal ancestor of yours and consider what traumas, changes they went through. How did they cope mentally and physically? Is there anything they did that you can do better, any traits you carry from them that may help you to embrace change and the times we are living in now.

Now, take a minute or two out of your day to reflect and honour your ancestors. Relax, breathe, and sit in deep reverence of their lives and their struggles so you can be here. Whatever personal challenges you have, draw strength from them. If today is not convenient, choose your own day and time when you can show appreciation. Celebrate them with friends, family, or quietly.

Remember today is not a day to get angry. It is a day to commemorate what we have lost and to celebrate what we have won.


‘Silence brings the wisdom of the ancestor.’ (Proverb)    

 © Meditate and Grow, Zindika 2019

Managing March

How are you managing this March? Are you managing to be fearless? However, as you think about how you manage your fears, also think about how you manage your strength.

This month is dedicated to the feminine energy rising to the top, and as we do so let us consider how we manage this.

I noticed a lot of the reigns of power being handed over to women in a move towards equality – but when these women take over, it is business as usual. This is not my idea of equality – just replacing powerful men with powerful women.  In his song, ‘It’s a Man’s World’, James Brown sang ‘… man made the cars… man made the trains…man made the boats…etc, but who made man? Along with God and the Universe, it was woman who manifested the physical man to earth. He continues: ‘…it would be nothing without a woman or a girl…’ So, women need to be more aware of their powers and rather than business, as usual, let us consider how we use our power. A careful balance between the head and the heart is required.  Here are some of the qualities associated with women that could and should bring some healing to the world.

Nurturing: Caring. Gentleness. Tenderness. Sensitivity. You can add to this list, I’m sure.

This March, whether you are male or female consider bringing some of these qualities to your daily dealings with other people. When speaking to someone, think, if what you say will help them to grow, or wither.

Nurturing is a grand word. It is about planting a seed and carefully tendering it in a caring and gentle way so that it grows and blossoms into the best it can be. With the right kind of nurturing that seed should eventually bring joy, hope, love and prosperity to the world – not PAIN.

Nature is the ultimate nurturer – that’s why it is known as mother nature. I know this to be true each time I walk and meditate with nature. When nature is cruel it is usually because of the interference from man.

BUY your child a pet or a plant, and as they nurture it, they will watch it grow and flourish and that way they will be learning to share these qualities with their friends, family and others.


Begin by grounding yourself. Grounding means, connecting yourself to the earth, your foundation, and the root for all of the natural forces.

Focus on the breath. Breathe in deeply.  Each time you take in a long, slow breath, send it up from the root, through the body, lingering around the heart area for courage, then on up to the head. Hold for a count of three.

Release the breath, and allow it to travel down and around, outside the body – think and focus on one of the qualities of nurturing. Think – caring! That breath is allowing you to build a caring energy field.

Do this three times and each time allow the breath to bring a different energy: sensitivity, tenderness, gentleness etc.

Close this meditation by expanding these qualities out from you to others.

This is a quick meditation to do in times of fear, panic, stress and a general feeling of ‘overwhelm’ with your surroundings. It should help to empower you and bring you back to your true nature.

Happy Women’s Month

©Zindika – Meditate and Grow