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What is a retreat?

Have you ever been on a retreat?

Why you should go on a retreat, if you can.

A retreat is a peaceful, quiet place where you go for seclusion, or solitude. There may be a period of meditation or prayer or any such restful activities to relax body and mind.

This is what our meditation group had to say about our recent retreat: 🧘‍♀️

‘Calm atmosphere, time to shut out the outside world.’

‘Getting away from day-to-day stresses, uninterrupted time. You can fill-up your emotional; and spiritual cup and be ready to give to the world.’

‘A chance to withdraw somewhere quiet and tranquil and give time to yourself, enjoy nature and focus on wellness.

Are you ready to go on a retreat?

They are set in beautiful locations which affords you calm and quiet and a change to connect with yourself and with nature. The activities will be directly related to the theme of the retreat, so a spa retreat will have sauna, massage etc; and on a wellness retreat you will expect nourishing wholesome food and to focus on getting and staying healthy. Some maybe themed around specific areas of wellness such as trauma, anxiety & stress and others may be empowering you to lead a better life, to create and achieve your goals. A retreat is a place you got to recharge from a busy stressful life and distresses, and restore mind, body and spirit. You may leave feeling empowered, more motivated, positive and ready to follow your purpose.

Types of retreats: Spa retreats, meditation, yoga, and empowerment. You can choose to retreat on any topic you like.

Activities: depends on what the retreat is for. Of course, our meditation/yoga retreat will involve lots of meditation and yoga. A spa retreat may include some personal treatments such as massage and saunas, a country retreat puts you in the heart of nature with walks and mindfulness.🧘‍♀️


Recharge and relax

Leaves you feeling refreshed

Take timeout

Calm the mind and body

Discover yourself

Health benefits (many)

Relax your nerves, lower your blood pressure

Cost: Cost you for accommodation and food, venue and facilitators cost. A One Day retreat is of course more affordable as you can avoid the cost for room and board.

What to expect:

You will have to get there under your own steam, but once there, expect lots of positivity, caring and sharing.

Enjoy spending time in the company of like-minded community of people.

A safe space and for you to take care of your mental, spiritual and physical health.

Interested in more info: Type Retreat and leave a message👇


SUNDAY MEDITATION – take time to release the stresses of the week and reset for the coming week.

Invitation to: Breathe, relax and meditate with us on Sunday evenings. In case you’re not aware, here are some of the natural benefits of meditation: it relaxes and calms the body, you sleep better. Too much thinking – then meditation can help to quiet down an over-active mind, giving you more energy to live a joyful life.

Look! Let’s hear from those attending the weekly sessions:

“The meditation was beautiful. Thanks for helping us to focus on our wellbeing.” Thelma

“That meditation was a very serene experience…I drifted off to somewhere it in the tropics where there was a waterfall. It was lovely and it really took me out of my present space…” Sharon

“Thank you for another powerful session, …I fell asleep upright with my feet on the floor. Amazing!” Carmen

For further details – Contact: – M:07765651747


Meditation is a fantastic way to calm an overactive mind. When you meditate you start by focusing on the breath and this will immediately bring a sense of relieve – just like when you are overwhelmed and you sigh with relieve – it sends a calming message to the brain and body to relax. Focusing on the breath during meditation also brings your mind into the present. Instead of dispersing energy everywhere, the mind can focus on one thing for a while. By doing this, it conserves energy that can then be send to the central nervous system, helping it to function better in calming your worries and anxieties, and allay fears.

Here, let’s try it:

For one day, set your alarm to go off every hour, or every two hours, depending on your activities for the day. Each time you hear the alarm, pause and take time to breath in deeply and then exhale through the mouth (slowly through pursed lips) until all breath has left the lungs. Do this at least three time, double up to six if you’ve got time. You will start to feel happier for that time and a while after. If you continue to do this regularly, then you can sustain that happiness for longer. SMILE