Healing Sounds

The Healing Sounds of Zindika can help you to alleviate pain and remove negative feelings, calm down mind and body and generate feelings of joy, hope and possibilities.

I never considered myself  having any vocal ability, then one day I was meditating and I started to hum a tune. The humming came naturally into my soul, my body. As I improvised and I created my own tune. Then I started to look for other tunes to hum. The first tunes I hummed took me back to my childhood home in the Caribbean, the singing in church, the comfort and the rest that it gave to me as a child. Then I started to hum the chakra mantras & seed sounds and experienced myself being filled with pure light and the energetic joy of inner connection.


Humming brings you into pure alignment easily because there are no words to listen to and that’s why babies fall asleep to humming lullabies. Sound was your first connection to the universe; whilst in the womb listening to mother’s heartbeat, and her voice and the first thing you did was to make a sound on your arrival. First there was silence then the universe sprung into being with the primordial sound of ‘Om’ and set the vibration of the earth in motion. 

Research shows what comes through our ears affects our vague nerves.

Listening to these healing sounds will help to calm your nervous system and take you away from the stressful effects of everyday problems and noises.

As I started to hum and share the tunes, some of which are ancestral in their origin – I realised people wanted to listen and they commented that they got great comfort from listening.  

NOW I have completed two ALBUMS of Sound.