Let go and Breathe

Have you noticed how when you are able to relax and unwind some of those niggly ailments disappear? That is because your muscles are releasing all that tension. Tension built up from stress and worry, especially in times of crisis, and when we have a lot to do can lead to a myriad of health issues, as well as worsen existing ones.  Right now, with the restrictions on our lives and freedom, we may not have a lot to do, but our minds are still racing. Meditation is a fantastic way to calm an overactive mind. When you meditate you start by focusing on the breath and this will immediately bring a sense of relieve – just like when you are overwhelmed and you sigh with relieve – it sends a calming message to the brain and body to relax. Focusing on the breath during meditation also brings your mind into the present. Instead of dispersing energy all over the place, the mind can focus on one thing for a while. By doing this, it conserves energy that can then be send to the central nervous system, helping it to function better in calming your worries and anxieties, and allay fears.

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Here, let’s try it:

For one day, set your alarm to go off every hour, or every two hours, depending on your activities for the day. Each time you hear the alarm, pause and take time to breath in deeply and then exhale through the mouth (slowly through pursed lips) until all breath has left the lungs. Do this at least three time, double up to six if you’ve got time. You will start to feel happier for that time and a while after. If you continue to do this regularly, then you can sustain that happiness for longer. SMILE

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