Breathing Meditation

Do you know how long you will have to be wearing a mask? And never mind the Covid pandemic, what about the brewing mental health epidemic. The figures keep rising, especially among young people, whose growing and learning have been disrupted. Some may be left with long term impact on their physical and psychological well-being, their knowledge and their ability to experience life fully.

Who among you, or in the Government is asking the pertinent questions?

Whether you think you are coping with this or not, the reality is that we all need to look after ourselves as we take time to assimilate these past few months and the new norm. When this all started in March, I could not get away from it: G5, G5, G5; then it was vaccination, vaccination, vaccination, and now it’s mask, mask, mask. Who is running the show, I ask myself? Is there anybody out there in control? If not, then you had better control yourself! Because the only way to detract from all this uncertainty is to drop within yourself and connect with the divine energy at source. Connect with the nature around you and also within you. So, whatever is going on outside, take the time to listen to what is going on inside you and embrace that guiding energy, letting it take you to a much higher vibration place.

Earlier in June I did a Facebook live on the health crisis because I could see that things were not going to get any better fast. That was why I put together my series of short meditation courses and classes called – Reset from Distress™.

If you fancy some calm, join me on Sunday evenings for our live interactive sessions. Connect with yourself, connect with others. It’s never too late to meditate and you are never too young to meditate, so teenagers and children welcome.