Fearless February is here

Fearless February is an invitation for you to face up to your fears, be they major, minor or gigantic. Regardless of the size of the fear – the solution is always the same – it always starts with one-first step. This requires you to confront the problem, start the journey step by step, stick to it and get results.

Whenever I experience fear or have any worries – I turn to meditation. Why? Because it works. Fear activates your nervous system. Your nervous system is made up of two parts, the sympathetic nervous system – also known as fight or flight, and the parasympathetic also known as rest and digest. If you are regularly in a state of fight or flight, then it means your sympathetic nervous system is always in charge and you are not giving your body enough time to rest and relax. One way I deal with this is by breathing deeply. As soon as I breathe deeply, the breath tells the body, it’s OK, calm down! Focusing on the breath is an integral part of meditating. There are other natural ways you can strengthen your nervous system such as eating the right foods, or drinking a calming cup of chamomile tea.

During January, you were given some beginners meditation focusing on the breath as an easy start to practicing stillness and relaxation. Doing this for a short time you will become more aware of your body and the realisation that this type of sitting can bring immediate easing of tension and slowing down of thoughts.

During February I want to encourage you to take the steps necessary to adapt to a longer meditation practice. Now you feel the benefits of a calmer life and less reaction to every day incidents that would normally irritate you. Furthermore, you will be able to manage the situation with breathing and not react as you would, but allow things to pass and see it for what it is.

For longer meditation sessions and short videos for beginners, go to my You Tube: Meditate and Grow

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