Happy Holidays

As we hit December and get caught up in the activities of shopping, gift wrapping and later cooking, there will be very little quiet time until the festivities are over. It is during these busy times such as Christmas that we need to meditate.
Remember as it gets closer to the two-day holiday, closely followed by New Year’s Day, you could be forgiven for not relaxing, yet, this is the time to relax. This is especially so for those who find themselves in the kitchen preparing to cook and look after all their guests – please remember to take 10 minutes out every day. The rule of the day should be to relax, breathe and also express gratitude for all you have, whether it is a little or a lot.  When you slow the breath and breathe deeply, that lowers cortisol levels which will be high over those two days and this could avoid a lot of arguments triggered by stress. Avoid alcohol if possible, but eat joyfully. Always remember, aside from the religion, the true spirit and meaning of Christmas are kindness, family, togetherness and sharing. Meditate on this…ooommm!
Happy Christmas

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