Managing March

How are you managing this March? Are you managing to be fearless? However, as you think about how you manage your fears, also think about how you manage your strength.

This month is dedicated to the feminine energy rising to the top, and as we do so let us consider how we manage this.

I noticed a lot of the reigns of power being handed over to women in a move towards equality – but when these women take over, it is business as usual. This is not my idea of equality – just replacing powerful men with powerful women.  In his song, ‘It’s a Man’s World’, James Brown sang ‘… man made the cars… man made the trains…man made the boats…etc, but who made man? Along with God and the Universe, it was woman who manifested the physical man to earth. He continues: ‘…it would be nothing without a woman or a girl…’ So, women need to be more aware of their powers and rather than business, as usual, let us consider how we use our power. A careful balance between the head and the heart is required.  Here are some of the qualities associated with women that could and should bring some healing to the world.

Nurturing: Caring. Gentleness. Tenderness. Sensitivity. You can add to this list, I’m sure.

This March, whether you are male or female consider bringing some of these qualities to your daily dealings with other people. When speaking to someone, think, if what you say will help them to grow, or wither.

Nurturing is a grand word. It is about planting a seed and carefully tendering it in a caring and gentle way so that it grows and blossoms into the best it can be. With the right kind of nurturing that seed should eventually bring joy, hope, love and prosperity to the world – not PAIN.

Nature is the ultimate nurturer – that’s why it is known as mother nature. I know this to be true each time I walk and meditate with nature. When nature is cruel it is usually because of the interference from man.

BUY your child a pet or a plant, and as they nurture it, they will watch it grow and flourish and that way they will be learning to share these qualities with their friends, family and others.


Begin by grounding yourself. Grounding means, connecting yourself to the earth, your foundation, and the root for all of the natural forces.

Focus on the breath. Breathe in deeply.  Each time you take in a long, slow breath, send it up from the root, through the body, lingering around the heart area for courage, then on up to the head. Hold for a count of three.

Release the breath, and allow it to travel down and around, outside the body – think and focus on one of the qualities of nurturing. Think – caring! That breath is allowing you to build a caring energy field.

Do this three times and each time allow the breath to bring a different energy: sensitivity, tenderness, gentleness etc.

Close this meditation by expanding these qualities out from you to others.

This is a quick meditation to do in times of fear, panic, stress and a general feeling of ‘overwhelm’ with your surroundings. It should help to empower you and bring you back to your true nature.

Happy Women’s Month

©Zindika – Meditate and Grow

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