Fearless February

You have a thought, you experience this in your body and you react by behaving in a certain way. Fear is a basic emotion and one that we are born with, for example the infant fears loud noises and falling. Very few of us can avoid jumping when we hear a loud noise, even if we might be anticipating the noise. Fear is a basic emotion of survival and an instinct that helped early humans to survive dangerous environments. All other fears come from learnt behaviour and life experiences. However, fear can stop you in your tracks when it becomes our regular response to ordinary everyday life. We exhibit fear through our thoughts, feelings and behaviours that we hold and this is further exacerbated by the physical world and the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

This February is the month to confront your fears and take action to combat those feelings that stop you from moving forward. Be courageous!

Daily routine for zapping fear:

Start to deal with old wounds, old emotions that may be triggering fear. The earlier you start the better.

Do a daily meditation this month focusing on forgiveness. Begin by forgiving yourself for having lived with fear for so long. Forgive yourself for the things you may have missed out on because of fear. While meditating, fear may surface because this is your normal state and it may take a while to subside. However, keep going and let those thoughts go by.  Meditate on your good qualities and that should shift you into a more magical mind-set.

Daily affirmations:

I am fearless

I am magical

I no longer live with fear

Fear is not my master

I love and forgive myself…

Create your own set of affirmations relevant to the fear that you want to deal with this month.


Happy New Month

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