Optimistic October


A Black History Month Meditation

Potential is in all of us. Often it is not realised. Potential is the ability to do something, often it is dormant, not yet manifested, but could be in the future, if the time is right. Potential is a term used in physics in relation to energy and the electrical field. Potential is energy and it is everywhere. So there is no need to limit your potential by saying there is not enough for me, yet there is always enough for someone else.

This meditation is about awakening your potential – so let’s begin.

QUIET your mind

B R E A T H E…

Feel a calm cleansing breathe, rising and travelling though your body.

Just turn on the tap. Let your imagination flow

As you breathe, see your potential. What is it?

Know that you can create it

You can build it

You can manifest it

What is it you would like to see in your life?

What is it you would like to see in the world?

Where is it? It is in YOU!

See it, believe it, and then you can achieve it.

You can create the happiness and joy you seek

Tell yourself it is possible, not impossible

You too can be creative

Spend this month getting what you want.

Relax now. RELAX!

You are about to take a step closer to your higher self, your greatest potential

You have the potential to begin right now, this month.

Are there people in your path? Are they blocking you from your true potential? Who are they? What do you need to say to them? You don’t even have to say anything. Just feel it. Sense it. They will move aside.

There are greater people out there to support you

Someone may have told you, once, when you were a child: ‘You have the potential.’

But then it disappeared

Where did it go?

Potential is like a seed if you nurture it, it will grow, but if you fail to water it, it will wither and go.

It’s time to be free and align yourself with the potential energy that is waiting for you

It’s time to let go of doubt, fear and fulfil your true potential.


Fill up your lungs, relax and release

See yourself, releasing those doubts, fears and realising your goals

You are free and when you are in touch with you, your greater self…you can do anything.

Sit quietly. Close your eyes.

See your potential

Feel your potential

BE your potential

©Meditate and Grow, Zindika

Warning: This meditation may leave you feeling high, ecstatic, optimistic and ready to go. Don’t lose that feeling…keep it going.


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