Jubilant June

Say you just can’t live that negative way,
If you know what I mean;
Make way for the positive day,

Positive Vibration – Bob Marley


Did you get out of bed on the right side this morning or did you get out on the wrong side of the bed; jaded and feeling drowsy, exhausted and not relishing the day ahead?

Do you always wake with enthusiasm for the day or do you wake with lack of enthusiasm afraid to start the day? Do you jump up and make so much haste to leave home for work that you don’t even notice the day?

How you wake up will set your pattern for the day.

Marva was always waking up to a cup of coffee, then a cigarette, sometimes even a little gin, even a little coke of the snorting kind – she could never start her day without her negative highs and the highs got higher.  How many of us are dependent on artificial highs. Marva didn’t know she was existing on an artificial high each day. She told herself all was well, she could get by as long as she kept it under control. But it was in control of her.

Some of us need a little help of the human kind, not the artificial kind.

Sometimes we wake with a headache and we wonder where the headache came from – it came out of nowhere you may think, but it didn’t. You went to bed with it; therefore it will be there when you wake in the morning. Sleep doesn’t prevent worry; worry prevents sleep.

We carry tension all the time; tension from all the little things we encounter as we pass the day. If you had an argument with your spouse, or your children and you go to bed with it, you will wake up with it.  We must try to shed negative emotions and negative energy from our bodies before sleep. The purpose of sleep is to rest and recuperate the mind and the body. What happens today should stay today, don’t let today’s troubles bury itself into tomorrow for tomorrow is a new day.

What you should do is wake with good feelings, good thoughts and not with a long list of problems and worries, and your mind stuck on the vibrations of the past.

Try and make this June a jubilant month. June is one of our midsummer months. The days are longer. Try to reset your sleeping and waking clock so that you are in line with your circadian rhythm, which is your natural body clock. It operates on a 24 hour cycle and is in line with sunrise and sunset. Unless we override it with late nights, stimulants and over eating, the circadian rhythm serves to energise us every day, so there is always the opportunity to wake up jubilant.  Find your rhythm and pay attention to it.


Set your intention for the day. Today I want to feel good,

today I want to be happy, today I want to feel loved.

Wake and put your best foot forward and start the day as you mean it to go.

Each day has its purpose. Find your purpose, find your day and

Meditate and grow.

Meditate and grow ©Zindika 2018


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