Marley May

Live if you wanna live

I nI vibration yeah

Positive vibration yeah

Got to have a good vibes

Positive vibration yeah, positive

Bob Marley


As humans we tend to focus on the negative things in life – what happened to me that was bad, rather than what happened to me that was good. Remember, every day brings good things; the fact that you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there, we just don’t take time to see it.

Your thoughts vibrate energy, energy create matter – hence your reality. Watch how you think!

Try thinking positive for a day! You will find it difficult, but if you manage it, you will notice how it transforms the world around you. People will start smiling and talking, instead of scowling at you.

Life is always positive and negative. Gravitate towards people with high vibration and low negativity. Disassociate yourself from people with low vibration and high negativity.

There is a human need in us all to help each other solve problems but in doing so,  we sometimes become part of the problem rather than the solution.  Mostly, solutions require calmness and perseverance. But some people shout, rant and rave and think they are part of the solution, but if their vibration, or behaviour is low, it just makes them part of the problem.

 Problems are not solved by focusing on the problems, but by focusing on the solutions.

Always think positively and expect a good outcome.


Fiztroy was sitting on a wall with his friends bemoaning his lack of opportunity and blaming everyone except himself for this. Later, he went home and Fitzroy observed his neighbour and noticed frequently how successful his neighbour was. He had a big house and Fitzroy was renting a room in a shared house.  He had a fast car and Fitzroy was driving an old Peugeot from the last century – his neighbour had the car he had always wanted. His whole focus was on the neighbour who had the job, the car and the family life he had always wanted. Fitzroy was pouring all his energy into his neighbour,  and the more he did that the more successful his neighbour became and Fitzroy continued to wonder how he did it. He didn’t realise he was giving all his energy to his neighbour and therefore he had little energy left for himself and his lack of attention to self left him in a state of  inaction.

Often we blame others for our own shortcomings.  If you take the B off Blame, it becomes lame.

Three things Fitzroy could do to raise his vibration and change his life story: firstly he could stop sitting on the wall, stop wasting his time and become more productive. Secondly, he could stop blaming others for his inaction. Thirdly, he could stop coveting his neighbour’s goods, and then his life might begin to turn around.












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