April Appreciations

Think about where you are right now – maybe it is your job, your home, your finances, your relationships. Are you satisfied? Are you longing and wishing it was different. If you are seeing things around you as problematic or troublesome, can you ever relax and appreciate where you are and what you’ve got.

When you appreciate, you grow, and the things you want start to show up, and the more you have the more you can give to others.

Remember to always be in a state of appreciation as it is much preferable to a state of negativity.

Have you ever known someone who moans about all the things that are wrong with their life, and the world? You could be with them and staring at a beautiful sunset over the Caribbean Sea and all they can talk about is how hot it is, how much they are sweating and all the insect bites they got. You could be having a feel good day but all they are doing is making you feel bad.

How we show appreciation?

Keep a journal of appreciation and write every day

Stand and look out of your window every morning and speak aloud the things you see that you appreciate.

Practise appreciation with your children. You know that old saying: children are often ungrateful, but try not to say that to them. Instead remind them of what they have and how to appreciate it.

Find your WOW moment. Everyday try to see something that makes you go WOW! Life is full of diamonds and pearls waiting to be discovered. Take a moment to find and appreciate them.

Listen to my meditation chant.

Remember: Mediate and Grow


‘With age comes the understanding and appreciation of your most important asset, your health.’ Oprah Winfrey


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