March Make-over

Whatever we want to do in life always seems impossible at the start, even something as simple as spring cleaning.

In Deborah’s bedroom, she had a cupboard full of stuff that she needed to sort out and get rid of. The cupboard was next to her bed. It spilled out into her bedroom, down the stairs and into the living room. She had been meaning to clear it out, for months, but that month never came and so she went to sleep every night with clutter and woke up with clutter. Until one day she realised this was probably one of the reasons why she wasn’t making much head way in her goals and progress.

Changing your surroundings can bring in new energy and new light.

This March is the month to de-clutter your mind, your body and your house.

A makeover is a chance to spring clean your mind, once your mind is fresh, you see things differently. See how quickly you get rid of unwanted stuff in your house. Get rid of anything that you don’t use regularly unless it is something of value, which you should keep somewhere secure. Make it a rule that if you buy something new, you will throw out something old.

Some people may be afraid to de-clutter because they think it is a waste and don’t want to throw things away. In this case, see clearing as a philanthropic opportunity donate to others, car boot sales and to raise money for charity – this can work out positive all round.

One day I heard that Deborah had been sectioned. She had personal, emotional and financial problems and the clutter was a cry for help. It didn’t surprise me.

If your house is in order, then it is a sign that your life is in order, if your house if out of order, it is a sign that your life is out of order.

Your house doesn’t have to be perfectly tidy, but hoarding and extreme clutter is a sign that some thing is wrong. Putting your house in order can lead you to feel better and more confident about life and that way the positive things you want to happen may start to flow.


 ‘It always seems impossible until it is done’

Nelson Mandela



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