Maybe you have something on the back burner, that should have cooked ages ago – well now may be the time to turn up the heat. Not only can we starve the body but also the mind.  We need to recognise the thing we do well and continue to do it well. We may need to take a course at college or see a professional for advice to help us get started or to push our dreams into the next stage of realisation. Do a little each day to nourish and enthuse yourself towards the right outcome. Strive to do the best at all times and make sure you are working on that which you want to accomplish. You’ve heard of the starving artist, although not rich in material goods, there is a wealth of creativity.

So many of us let our dreams lie dormant, but then one day we wake up to a nightmare and regrets, wishing we had done something sooner and wondering if it has all passed us by.  Although it is never too late, it is also never too early and the right time is always now.  If you are too comfortable pursuing your dreams then you are not working hard enough at it.


 “Whatever you were born to do, do it well and don’t let the dream pass you by.”

“Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread.”

Richard Wright: 4th September(Author)

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