24th August

When it comes to reaching your potential there are many questions and not enough answers. Sometimes we spend our whole life searching for the meaning to life and what it is all about. No one really knows, but you can make your own meaning. Living up to your potential is easier said than done, but no one else can do it for you.

We might be working in a job and earning good money but we feel our potential lies in something else, somewhere else. This makes us unhappy because we are not living our true potential. It may be that we want to be an artist but we are working as an accountant. So to begin the search you have to know who you are and what gives you that great feeling; that buzz!

Some people know where they are heading from day one, but for others it may take longer.

Part of life’s meaning is of course the searching and the journey.


 “At the end of the day, life’s about realising one’s potential.”

Linton Kwesi Johnson: 24th August 1952 (Dub Poet)

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