23rd August

Sometimes we have to audacity to think that we are the only ones that are human and deserving of God’s grace. Everyone, except us is deserving of less. We like to think that this position of viewing life from the top was ordained since the dawn of time and the fact that some people happen to find themselves at the bottom has nothing to do with us.  Humans as a whole have very little to be proud of on this stake because throughout history one group has always chosen to subjugate another.

A change is gonna come and you have to believe it. During the civil rights and apartheid struggles people sang that a change was coming because injustice cannot go on forever. Political change is hard to come by, when doors are closed and barriers are up, but we lead campaigns and spoke out against unjust laws and treatment and eventually things changed.

What is it that you believe in and do you feel that a change is coming soon. Can you feel it, do you really know it. The power of your belief and your feelings will bring that change. What kind of change do you want to see?

“I knew South Africa was going to change; you can’t keep people down forever. It’s unnatural. Somehow something had to crack, and it did.”

Letta Mbulu: 23rd August 1942  (South African Singer)

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