16th August

When we think of giving a gift, we always think of something material. We may worry about the cost and the value rather than the sentiments. Are you giving a gift that is of value to you or of value to the other receiving it? Some may think the gift has to be large to be appreciated and that a small gift might be insignificant. Some of us give to charity and you may be in a position to give money, if you’ve got it, that’s great. Giving to charity is a big act of kindness that allows us to show our humanity towards others. You don’t always have to give money; some gifts may not be monetary in value – such as the gift of time well spent.

As you go about your day, there is always an opportunity to give. When you cultivate the act of giving, it gives you a chance to focus on other people’s lives and lead you to a better direction in your life.


I can’t think of any sentiment which is finer than being in a position to give people something they like. I love giving. I am rather embarrassed at receiving. 

Trevor McDonald: 16th August 1939 (newsreader and journalist)

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