15th August


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The best things in life are free – so the saying goes. A quiet mind, water, air and cleanness are all free to us and in abundance. Quietness is all around us, even though if you live in certain cities you may find it hard to believe – but it is there if you seek it out. Even amid noise and busyness you can find seclusion, a place to allow your mind to be still. Nature has provided us with all things we need to survive instinctively, but when we are busy we tend to starve ourselves of the goodness that nature brings.

Next time remember to stop and breathe in deeply; then breathe out slowly. Repeat three times, clear the air, and ease the mind of all unnecessary thoughts. Tell yourself, today is the day I am going to seek out the freedoms that nature brings.


“The best cure for the body is a quiet mind. “

“Water, air, and cleanness articles are the chief in my pharmacy.”

Napoleon Bonaparte: 15th August 1769 -1821 (French General and Emperor)

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