12th August


Bedtime stories have their purpose. We read them nightly to our children to soothe them to sleep. The characters in them tell us something about life, morality tales; sometimes in the past we did not have films or books to entertain us, all we had were stories. Children love these stories and can listen to them time and time again. Each time it is like new and each time they discover something new, they truly believe;whether the story is happy, or sad. Some of the best story tellers were the griots of West Africa, anything about life could be told in the tale of a story. They kept everyone enthralled from King to peasant.

Stories are a wonder, they lift your mood. They take you to a place of make believe You too can make believe. You can make believe yourself a new job, make believe a new love, make believe whatever you want is coming to you and it will. That is the power of make believe.

“The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling.”

Cecil B Demille: 12th August 1881 -1956 (Filmmaker)

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